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Fossilised Shark tooth Pendants

We are introducing a brand new product to the market, ideally suited not only to the tourist market, but also the more discerning customer. The "Rare Ocean" fossilised shark tooth pendant. Rare Ocean was started by Mark McCree (that's right - brother of Paul McCree) and as a surfer and musician in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town, Mark has spent many mornings on the beaches, either in the water, or scouring the shores for these precious fossilised shark teeth. Out of the hundreds of teeth found over the last decade or so only a selected amount are chosen to be made into pendants. These very rare shark's teeth are roughly 4 million years old and each tooth is completely natural and therefore varies in colour, shape and size. This makes each piece completely unique, therefore requiring them to be individually hand crafted. To compliment these unique fossils they are each set in 925 sterling silver and shaped to highlight the hero of the piece - the fossilised shark tooth.

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